medici – Medical Communication Services

■ Communications strategy
We will be pleased to help you develop your own communications strategy, for example using competitor analyses and editorial concepts which we can also put into practice for you using our team of journalists and our pool of freelance writers.

■ Consultation services
We will work with you to define your target groups and strategies to identify topics and to develop the right strategies to meet your requirements (e.g. preparation of a yearly plan with specific actions; planning a marketing budget which identifies key topics).

Advice on market positioning based on target group analyses and user reports (testimonials).

Media tracking (clippings on product and indication).

■ Editorial services
Writing press releases: Identifying topics through individual consultation (e.g. current developments, interview), text, layout, dissemination to a targeted selection of interested media.

Corporate publishing: Preparation of current material for physicians, nurses, patients, etc. as well as for medical representatives (e.g. print and/or video documentations of events), writing and editing of press releases and marketing texts (print), production of videos and teasers and making them available to the target group (patients, physicians, decision-makers in the health sector).

Support of internet platforms: Production and ongoing support of apps, blog articles, e.g. on Facebook, effective editing of internet dictionaries and glossaries.

Cross-media dissemination of content, for example implementation of print content in videos, podcasts and on social networks; adding of links and relevant sources of further information.

Monographs on preparations, including reviews, results graphs and tables for devices, with photos and practical tips.

■ M&A – Mergers & Acquisition
We work as independent consultants for corporations, investors and family offices to create access to interesting projects, start-ups and direct investments in innovative companies in the medical field. We offer expert advice on the opportunities and risks of the underlying concepts.

In cooperation with auditors and attorneys our team provides assistance in the following areas:

Strategic corporate development
Due diligence
Concept evaluation and corporate assessment
Market analyses
Selling companies
Buying companies